Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is here....

Fall is here! And not a minute too soon.  The garden is winding down, the pumpkins and squash have been plucked out from under the nose of daredevil squirrels who brave our backyard despite out very own guard animals.
Ferocious Oddie

And the vicious Casey Caso

The only tomatoes left on the vine are mealy or still green,  Today I cleared out a raised bed and put on a cover crop of clover down, something I plan on doing every year but never seem to get around to.
The bees have decreased there number to prepare for winter,  I am concerned about the amount of wasps I have flying around the ground in front of the hive and even occasionally entering.  They bees seem strong, but I can't imagine why they would allow a wasp in. I am VERY reluctant to kill them, I really believe there is a delicate balance that we should not disturb, and the wasps have been so good in the garden keeping out your everyday garden villains like slugs and squash borers.
I have posted on some bee forums to see if I can get any feedback,  I also snooped around the neighborhood to a home near by that has 3 langstroth hives. I noted many wasps patrolling the grounds around their hives too.  
On the knitting front, I am still spinning my beautiful fiber, slow and steady.
I have also finished a shrug

But the big news is I have started a new cardigan.  
Anastasia by Cecily MacDonald. I downloaded the pattern from Raverly today and have been knitting furiously since,


It is the most difficult but by far the most fun thing I have ever knitted.  I love the Madeline Tosh yarn.

Also my sweet hubby, after all these years decided he wanted to learn to knit!  YEAH.