Friday, March 31, 2017

My Kitchen Hothouse

Temperatures have soared into the 70's in Denver for the last few weeks, and all sorts of blossoms have been unfurling before our eyes.

As usual I was chomping at the bit to start my seedlings.  With about 9 weeks until the average last frost, I started tomato, basil and pepper seeds on March 11th.   The peppers did not sprout but the tomatoes and basil seedlings did very well.  It was warm enough to put them outside daily for the last 2 weeks, so they are already hardened off. This week temperatures gave gone back to much cooler and more normal temperatures.

In the back yard, broccoli and mustard greens are doing great. These were purchased as small plants from City Floral.  

Snow peas, English peas, spinach and Arugula starting to sprout despite the crazy fluctuating temperatures.  Hopefully no deep freezes coming!

My early mother's day gift? My sweet husband is putting a drip irrigation system into my raised vegetable beds!  Goodbye hand watering, Goodbye cracked and crappy soaker hoses.  Hello drip!

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