Friday, June 4, 2010

Here is the newly planted patio garden with a few hardy plants that survived the hens. David insisted we add his charming "screaming man" statue for a little variety. I am still kicking myself for not accidentally placing him in the alley where he would have most certainly been picked up for scrap metal. (Someone took our old pipes from the alley before I could even close the backyard gate)

I put in as many herbs and edibles as possible. Lemon thyme, bee balm, lemon balm (it is in the mint family, so know I will be sorry, but I have some kind of garden amnesia) and woodland strawberries. Along the wall I planted beans and squash where last year I ripped out some roses to make way for vining vegetables before I realized how short a period of time it would look nice. Now all winter the wall is barren, so I planted another vining rose. I am doing my part to keep local nurseries in business.

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