Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cabin get-away

After a long grueling week that included a leaking sewage pipe, flat tire, extra shift at work to pay for the repair of the leaking sewer pipe, and a whole lot of stuff in between, we finally made it up to my husband's family cabin.  A day late but wonderful just the same.
The trip took up about an hour longer than usual with stops for the bathroom and food and drugstore. 
Since I picked up a last minute shift at work on Friday,  I left all the packing and planning to my husband.  Luckily for me he had the book Watership Down on his I pod.  Road trips are so much easier with books on tape.  I highly recommend Watership Down for the whole family.  (Our last road trip we listened to The Incredible Journey, also a favorite and more suited to younger children) 
The cabin was wonderful, peaceful and most important, cool!  The temps on Saturday were in the 60's.  Denver was baking with 90 degree temps and we were enjoying cool weather and even a brief thunderstorm.  I couldn't have been happier.  Perfect weather for my knitting Marathon.

My father-in-law's wife Debbie is a wonderful cook and recently started eating vegan.  Not to fear we ate wonderful food which I wish I would have photographed.  My favorite was a potato salad with corn, black beans and chipotles.   
The boys were so excited to see their Buppah, (Grandpa) to fish (catch and release) and especially to get back to their stick fort.  Some new additions were put on to the fort this trip but since it's top secret compound I didn't want to risk revealing too much!

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