Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joys of summer

Fin, gales of laughter, just before finally loosing his two temporary front teeth.
This little fellow was a volunteer that came up in the pea pacth and I didn't see until I pulled the peas out last week.

I planted one borage plant a few years ago because it is always mentioned in British novels and I love all things BritishIt has taken over the entire garden and is indestructible, but the bees love it.  Borage Honey anyone??

My favorite heirloom tomato, Brandy wine


I just cast on for a sweet cardigan "Audrey in Unst"

So adorable, and it has the bib of Shetland lace, so I have convinced myself that it is very British (or Scottish) too.

Despite hellishly hot temperatures, and a front yard that looks like it belongs in the Sierra, the back yard seem to be doing well.  Plants packed so tightly tend to shade the roots and keep the soil from drying out as quickly.  Over crowding has it's problems too, but no matter how hard I try to keep plants generously spaced, i end up with this.

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