Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beating the heat

To avoid the heat we have been taking our walks early and stick to only the shadiest of routes. 
Our local pool which is conveniently situated 8 quiet blocks from our house, inconveniently doesn't open until 1 pm. This summer with temps near or above 100 for the last several weeks, I have been hard pressed to even leave the house, let alone take a long hike. 

We call these pretty ivory discs "moon plates", but I don't think that is the correct name.


 Well, I have finally finished my Amy Butler tunic.  It is way too small but for what it ended up costing I will squeeze myself into it if it suffocates me in the process. If I add in the cost of repairing my old Singer machine, 3 yards of this lovely fabric, an Amy Butler tunic pattern and 6 hours of lessons, (which was really money well spent) and these adorable vintage buttons, this little top is one of the most expensive things I own, next to my car and mountain bike.  I just might ask to be buried in it.

The staff from A Verb for Keeping Warm have vowed to try and make 25% of their wardrobe and I see from many blogs it is really catching on.  Ahh a new goal and reason to keep sewing!  Or I could donate all my tops but this and three others and be done with it!

On the bee front....
It has been so hot the bees have been bearding like mad.  I am concerned they might try and swarm again, which is supposedly certain death for them this late in the year.  I will take pictures tomorrow.

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