Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tomatoes Peppers and Chicks

First Brandy wine tomato of the season.  Unfortunately it got battered in the storm but still had the most exquisite taste ever.

Fairy Tale eggplant
San Maranzano tomato

Asher helping with the daily chicken maneuvers.

Things around Blackett Farm have been busy to say the least. My husband went out of town for the weekend, I worked some extra shifts, and the rain that I have been secretly praying for finally came.  
Boy did it come. Here in Colorado, weather does not joke around.  When it is dry, it is so dry the whole states practically self- combusts.  When it rains, the skies open up and the streets turn to raging rivers.  It is a great time to find out how well your raised beds drain.  Judging by the standing pools of water a day later, not very well.
The rains also brought those magical weeds that grow at an accelerated rate that no other plant on earth could ever achieve.
They also come out of the ground a heck of a lot easier than when it's bone dry, so we have been weeding like mad and cutting back the wild borage. That is one hardy plant.
We picked our first tomato, a little messy but incredible. My rite of summer is a succulent Brandy wine tomato thickly sliced with mayonnaise on fresh Italian or French bread bread. Other hardy whites will do but whole wheat doesn't seem to do them justice. Since I am of Italian Heritage, I wonder if I naturally don't tolerate whole wheat? That's what I tell myself anyway.
I found a beautiful cookbook from sunset Edible Garden Cookbook!  I can't wait for the eggplant.

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  1. I just came across your site and love it! I'm passionate about gardening, sustainable living and blogging in the city here in Australia (my blog is at http://www.happyearth.com.au ), and it's great to hear about what you're doing to live more simply in Colorado :)

    To help inspire local families to grow some of their own food in my local area, I'm volunteering to write about growing bean tee pees with kids for a free magazine called Early Years - see http://earlyyearscare.com.au/mag/issues/ . I love your post about your fantastic bean/gourd tee pee and wondered if I might please be able to use one of your images in the article, crediting you of course! The image of Lancelot and Batman peering out from inside the teepee would be fantastic...if you're interested my contact details are at http://www.happyearth.com.au/contact-us/

    Happy gardening!

    Ally :)