Friday, September 14, 2012

Audrey In Pink

I have been knitting madly on my Audrey in Undst sweater,  I just finished the sleeves which are made by picking up stitches around the arm and then adding short rows.  Now I am putting on the button bands.  I love this construction, but sadly made it too small.  I never get gauge and then I try and adjust the pattern.  I don't think it worked in this case, but I still love the sweater and plan on squeezing into it if it kills me!  I plan on making it in brown too.


  1. Love it. I always knit too big, and then try to adjust the pattern. I've twice had to frog a whole sweater that could have fit 2 of me in it. Maybe we could average our knitting. =)
    We're just north of you and I am encouraged to see all you grow (thanks to Anisa Schell's posting on the Urban Garden Tour.)

    1. Just saw this now, thank you, and I went to your blog. Love you comprehensive book list. I think we will start a Dave Barry book next. I am always looking for good read alouds.