Sunday, September 23, 2012

One seed at a time...

This weekend was the Denver Botanic Gardens' Urban Homesteading Tour and I was lucky enough to be part of it.  Denver has amazed me with it's homegrown, eat local, and urban homesteading movement, and Saturday as the groups of people filed through our small city garden, I got to meet and talk with them firsthand.  I met so many people who were planning on or who already embarked on the age old practice of growing their own food or raising chickens or keeping bees.  I met people who various reasons could not start their own gardens but wanted to be apart of this incredible movement all the same.    
People from all walks of life who see a need for a change in our current food production system and are taking steps to make that change happen one seed at a time.

Truthfully I didn't take any pictures Saturday since I was so busy showing people around.  I was also coming off a night shift and had only slept a few hours so I was dazed.  One of the sponsors of the tour, The Lazy Homesteader, came and did take some pictures.  
She has a great blog  at
In the morning before people arrived, I made a meager attempt to cut back fallen sunflowers, pick dead leaves and clean out any fresh poop from the chicken coop. Then I put out a basket of eggs, jams and applesauce I had canned this year for viewing, and honey and beeswax lotions for sampling.  I have to say, the honey went over well.   

I picked herbs and set out the dehydrator to dry them, I also brought out seeds that I had saved.

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My favorite chickens ever, a docile black Java and Delaware


  1. Sorry to have missed it –maybe next year!

  2. Hi Diane,
    I met you when you opened your backyard at the Denver Botanic Gardens
    Backyard Homesteading Tour this past summer. I was the gal who had a
    Warre hive in Littleton.
    I am currently fascinated by Bee Trees (and also trying to teach
    myself to locate them by following bees back to their hives)... and am
    photographing and mapping the Bee Trees of Denver metro. So far I've
    mapped and photographed three.
    You had mentioned that you knew of a Bee Tree in your neighborhood.
    Would you be willing to let me know of the location so I can take a photo of it
    and add to my map?
    I'll gladly share the map with you when I finish it if you're interested.
    Thanks for considering.
    Judith Moran

    1. Hi Judith, sorry I am just now seeing this. There is a tree on Steele street between 9th and 10 th on the west side of the street. I will get the exact address when walking today. There were 2 other trees, one that was cut down and one that didn't seem to make it. Hope you are having good luck.