Thursday, May 31, 2012

Urban Garden

Almost ready!!!

Everyday I wake up amazed that I am still working in my job.  How is it I haven't written Twilight or the Hunger Games or some other teen best-seller to take me away from this dreaded job?  How have I not thought of some great way to keep myself in gardening or knitting full time?  I am not someone who works in emergency rooms!  For 22 years I have been in the wrong profession. I should be a designer or gardener, author or artist.  When did I take the wrong turn? 

After 2 very long 12 hour shifts this week, I am ready for a break!
We spent the day with kids running through the house, everyone wants to see the chicks. The chicks are growing fast and getting their feathers.

I am trying to get the boys to feed and water them.  Mostly they want to hold Ruby or the chicks and get little else done, but were getting there.

Owl Babies by Susan B Anderson
I knitted this 5 months ago but it took me all this time to finish the face! Asher has been bugging me, and it's finally done!  

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Asher and his friend Charlie raided the pea garden

The first strawberry of the season.  We had a friend over so we split it 5 ways

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