Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sew what's new...

Sign at Fancy Tiger in Denver Colorado
It's funny that I would post a sewing blog before a knitting blog since knitting is my first love, but there will be more about knitting in later post                  


The sewing machine a neighbor gave me 2 years ago.  It's very cool, and in keeping with my love of all things old.  Sadly though, it doesn't work.  I wish I had known before spending 120.00 tuning it up. The gentleman at the shop said he thought this was great machine.
 I had my first sewing lesson with a very talented friend who is a seamstress.  She tinkered with it and still could not get it to work properly, so it's back to Craigslist for a new(used) sewing machine when I can save some money.  I will use hers in the mean time.
I took a trip to Fancy Tiger to get some material and a pattern. 

I have shopped at Fancy Tiger for years and love it, it has such a great feel, the staff is wonderful ans they have done so much for the crafting community.   In the past, though,  I was always buying yarn. I have admired the fabric but had never had a chance to really try any. 


In my usual fashion, I arrived at the store last and had to pick a fabric and pattern without much chance to linger. 


This cute tunic pattern also has a pattern for a mini dress.  I don't love the belt, (can you wear a belt if you are under 5'5"?)

Laura, the seamstress who is giving me lessens, has a background in engineering.  I can see how being a very precise type of person would be helpful in sewing.  Unfortunately, I live by the "close enough" dogma.  When Laura explained that to save the pattern and be able to first sew the tunic and next be able to sew the mini dress, we would have to trace the pattern onto plastic, I thought she must be kidding.  No she wasn't kidding, we painstakingly traced the pattern, and it was really fun.  I can't believe how satisfying it is the cut the cloth and see the pattern taking shape.  
I had all sorts of thoughts of designing my own clothes.  Ahh another career to quit my job for....

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