Monday, May 28, 2012

Knitting obsession

mousie pattern by Ysolda Teague
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pretty red bowl

Finally I am posting about knitting!  Knitting is my first love ever since I first laid my hands on a set of needles about 8 years ago.  Of course I became obsessed, how could you not?  There are so many beautiful natural fibers these days.  

Unfortunately it takes a back seat to gardening when spring rolls around.  But I still try and keep a a project or two going. 
I love knitting blogs and even listen to knitting pod casts on my iPod when I am gardening or exercising. 
A few if my favorites: 

Cast On
Savvy Girls
Never Not Knitting
Knitmore Girls

This is the whisper cardigan by Hannah Fettig,

I purchased the pattern on Raverly and am knitting it in Habu silk and linen lace weight yarn in a coral/brick color. This is my first time knitting in a lace weight yarn and it is wonderful.   I am so excited to have something light for the summer.  It has a very interesting construction and is going faster than I thought (when I actually work on it)

I am not the only one who loves knitting. That's right,my boys both like to knit.                

Although my oldest son, on seeing the blog wanted me to clarify that he only "kinda likes knitting".

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