Thursday, May 24, 2012

Urban Cycle

How can you call yourself an Urban Homesteader without relying on a handy dandy urban bike to do errands?
And this bike can do errands! I can hit the library, grocery store, and apothecary (for my beeswax concoctions) load up and still have room to spare.  Unfortunately I share this bike with my husband and the top bar is so long, it's a little bit of stretch for me to reach the handle bars, but I am hoping to slowly take over this bike.
Lucky for me, my husband has a little bike business on the side 
( since his real life job wasn't keeping him busy enough.  Bikes are to him what gardening is to me and he wanted to keep his hands dirty with bike grease on his off time, and this is a great way to go. Weekends he is now doing what he loves, putting together and tweaking bikes.  I just need to convince him to tweak this bike to fit me.  Permanently.

In Tucson, my husband really pulled a load

When we moved to Denver from Arizona 4 years ago, we decided that the second most important quality of the place we wanted to live, (number one, obviously was having 4 seasons)  was ability to get around without a vehicle.  Not that we wanted to get rid of a our vehicles, we just didn't want to have to rely on then. 
Central Denver really fit the bill.  We can walk or ride to parks, local shopping districts, the Museum, Zoo, Botanic Gardens, library and grocery stores.  We are even close to a large mall on the off chance we are crazy enough to want to want to go.  I am usually to covered in dirt, compost or chicken poop on my days off to want to shop.  Malls are not my thing, but garden stores and yarn stores are, and it's by no coincidence that we are within 2 short blocks of  each.  That's how I chose our current home.  By the proximity to each of these stores. I found our house on a one day whirlwind trip to Denver.  I saw several beautiful homes in other locations, but from this house I could throw a stone to the garden store AND the yarn store.  Who cares how small it is?  SHHH, don't tell that to my husband. He thought it was the wood floors original leaded glass.     


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