Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby chicks

Maybe it was the eerily quiet hour that occurred Friday after the kids went to school. I don't work Fridays, my summer veggies were all tucked snugly in their beds, and the rain negated the need of my usual watering ritual.  We were down to only 2 hens since we lost Hazel a few days ago. With my usual act now think later attitude, I called a number on Craigslist and the next thing you know, we were proud owners of 4 baby chicks.

Who cares if our second bathroom is now home to 4 stinky little poop-machines who need a space heater and protection from the wily cat and probably the dog? 

Today the temperatures finally warmed and the little girls were introduced to the chicken yard.  But because they are so small, we are keeping them separated from the big girls by that chicken cloth seen below.  I didn't think our sweet older hens would be anything but cordial to the little chicks.  They have always behaved with impeccable manners, but I was wrong.  This little gal managed to wriggle her way to the other side of the fence and was met angry peck on the head from Lucy.  She practically picked her up she pecked her so hard. 

 Ruby. our darkest red hen clucked and crowed like a rooster she was so disturbed by their presence.  I tried all my old standbys to quiet her, threw her some scratch, then I tried some lettuce, then dug a shallow hole so she could scratch for worms, (this has always worked when all else fails, but not today)  Finally I squirt her with a hose to quiet her down, but she got the point.

I was beginning to wonder if this whole baby chick thing was worth it, why I hadn't just purchased hens who ready to lay, when Asher, sitting with 2 chicks on his lap, turned to me and said "this is one of the best days of my life".  
OK, it's worth it.

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